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May 18, 2016 at 11:38 AM

How to configure BPC 10.0 NW without currency translation?


Hi Experts,

we are doing the legal consolidation in BPC NW 10.0. As we have just EUR companies, we do not need the currency translation.

So we load transactional data to BPC in LC and BPC should translate it with factor 1 to EUR which is the group currency.

In the SAP documents I get the note, that in the Account dimension I should left the raw "rate type" blank for the accounts to get the translatoin with factor 1. If I do this, I can not make any rules for currency translation rules, which is correct because I do not need it. But when I start the consolidation, BPC give me an error status for the currency translation and I can not make the consolidation.

Does someone know, how to configure BPC consolidation without currency translation or what should I do to run the currency translation with factor 1?