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May 18, 2016 at 10:39 AM

Why bother with Corporate Memory w-o DSOs, when you have PSA?


this is a bit of a point i have been trying to understand, over the past few months or so, only today, i found an interesting SAP reference.

i supports a notion of pointing the Corporate Memory (CM) to the PSA. in other words, use the PSA as the CM.

here is a link to BI Content

SAP HANA-Optimized BI Content - SAP Library

half way down the page is says this

Three-layer approach to the enterprise data warehouse

  • The data is acquired in the open operational data store layer. The PSA serves as the historical data foundation. No transformations or aggregations are defined in this layer.

i wish to point out this bit PSA serves as the historical data foundation

we all come to learn that the CM serves as the untainted source for history and reloading, so, why dont we just use the PSA these days as the CM. after all, technically, the difference between a w-o DSO and a PSA are nearly the same.

i am aware that you cannot query over the PSA, so would the be the sole reason for separating out the CM in it's own w-oDSOs ?