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May 18, 2016 at 09:02 AM

UK Payroll - Avoid Over payment when the record is incorrectly inserted


Hi All,

I have a requirement in SAP UK payroll. The user have entered a bonus value for an employee in Infotype 15 for the previous period and in this period he found that the entry is incorrect. Now he wants to remove the record but when we remove the record, the amount is reversed but the amount is shown in Over Payements.

For example,

In P01 2016,

employee bonus amount is 1000 GBP which is tax and Ni able.

In P02 2016,

the user deleted the record for bonus 1000 GBP, which gets reflected in the Overpayment.

But the client don't want in overpayments, it should adjust the value with tax deduction for the current period.

How I can achieve this? any idea will be appreciated.

With Regards,

Giriesh Chakaravarthy M