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May 18, 2016 at 08:37 AM

Adjacent value for a highest value in Webi report 4.1



I am working on a Webi report where my requirement is to find the adjacent value for a highest value for in every week.

Given table :

Week Date Usage Week1 Jan1,2014 1 Week1 Jan2,2014 108 Week1 Jan3,2014 72 Week1 Jan4,2014 3 Week1 Jan5,2014 16 Week2 Jan6,2014 135 Week2 Jan7,2014 158


Week Variable1 Date Week1 108 Jan2,2014 Week2 158 Jan7,2014

I have created two variables:

1) To get the maximum usage value

Variable1: max(usage) foreach (Week)

2) To get the date for a max usage value

Variable2: if((usage)=(Variable1)) then (Date)

But when I use the vatiable2 in the table, it gives me blank values.

Could you please help on this?