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May 18, 2016 at 08:39 AM

Missing line in ABNV (number range interval maintenance)


Hello everybody,

I stumpled upon a "missing" line in the Interval Maintenance: Asset Accounting, Subobject 2000 in transaction ABNV.

The table (which can also be looked-up in SE16N in table NRIV, Object FIAA_BELNR) looks similar to this:

No Year From No. To Number NR Status 1 2014 1 9999999999 13265 1 2015 1 9999999999 6633 1 2016 1 9999999999 1720 2 2014 1 9999999999 2746 2 2016 1 9999999999 3823

As you can see, for Year 2015 and No 2, there is no interval defined.

Usually, this interval should automatically be created, when the asset fical year is changed with transaction AJRW. At the beginning of a new year the NR Status starts with 0.

I don't know why this line is not there.

Does anyone know, what the missing interval is for?

In what way is my SAP system affected by this?

Thanks in advance for your help!

EDIT: Meanwhile, I found SAP note 1843481. Before that patch, SAP doesn't seem to create the necessary number range intervals with the fiscal year change (AJRW / RAJAWE00). As we patched our system in 2015, it would explain the missing line a bit. But is it a problem, that there isn't such an interval?