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May 18, 2016 at 06:57 AM

Principal Propagation in SAP BPM



I want to use the Principal Propagation Property of SAP BPM to use propagate the Principal to a Automated Activity.

Currently we are using a automated activity which is calling a ABAP Web Service and the User is used for calling the web Service is fetching from SOA Configuration in nwa, when we create a back end system or when we create the provide system in nwa that time we are giving the logon credential of back-end system. So on the time of Automated Activity it is taking that credential.

If read in some block to achieve this we need to remove the credential of the back-end system from nwa but when we removed the credentials from System creation in nwa but after that the status of system got failed.

Please Suggest if there is any solution for Achieving the Principal Propagation.

Rohit Gera