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May 18, 2016 at 07:00 AM

My Worklists and General Search not working!


Hello All,

I've a strange issue where the end-user is not able to find any tickets assigned to her in "My Worklists". Also, there are no results being displayed when the ticket search is being performed with her id as the "Owner ID", though there are pending tickets on her ID.

When we log in with the same role as end-user and try to search for tickets assigned to her with her ID in "Owner ID", even we are unable to retrieve her tickets. But when we log in with another generic role, we are able to get the search result for her ID and show all her tickets including pending/closed.

Unfortunately, we cannot do a debug session in production and cannot know the exact reason behind this. I've tried to debug the CL_CRM_Q1O_SEARCH->Get_result_values and GET_RESULT_GUIDS methods and also the Function Module CRM_BSP_OIC_1O_SEARCH_FROM_RF to understand how the tickets are retrieved in My Worklists. But this was of little help and we could not figure out much.

Any help on what could be the root cause or how to proceed would be of much help.