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Feb 08, 2017 at 06:29 AM

Regarding sub report data source


Hi All,


I am developing a little complex report in Crystal Reports and I am having an issue in sub report data source. The main report is getting data set from a stored procedure which is fairly complex and use to take little more time to execute, around 10+ seconds (as it has lot of complex calculations).

Now, I need to insert total 5 different sub reports which will work on a subset of data from the main data set (main report data set). This is I need to do in sub report only because I need to do some sub groping (I can achieve this only by sub report). Now the problem I am facing is that when the report is running, it is taking huge time due to those 5 sub reports, which in turn calling the same stored procedure (with more filtering - where condition).

My question is, can I pass the sub set of the main data set from main report to sub report? if yes, how? if no, can anyone suggest other approach to fix this issue?

For your reference, I am using SAP BusinessObjects Crystal Reports 2013 Support pack 1. (version

Thanks in advance!


Sanjoy Jana.