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May 18, 2016 at 12:04 AM

Reaglinment Runs


Is anyone having issues with the sales territory realignment runs? Ours keep erring out, stating they are too long or to complex. We are using zip codes for our territories. I am wondering if we add the state if that would help with the process. Thinking the system would first select all the customers within that state and then run the zip code part of the rule only on those instead of all of them. We have 50,000 customer in our system but that will grow as we get more of our locations loaded.

Wondering how many customers and users C4C can handle. We are wanting to use this globally but now are very concerned. Is it scalable enough to handle a global implementation? Will we use multiple servers? How will the data be combined to give global reporting? Global visibility?

Any suggestions on how to build the rules? We use 60 zip codes delimited by " ; ". We used to be able to go to 99 zip codes, wondering if there is a recommend max number of zip codes.

We have an open incident on this issue. Just looking for guidance, suggestions, HELP please...