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Newbie: No "dbserv" in SQL Anywhere 17 Installation

Hello all,

First, thank you in advance for your help. I recently purchased SAP SQL Anywhere 17 and I'm having trouble.

I should mention that I am not a database expert or programmer. I only need to install SAP SQL Anywhere 17 because it is a basic prerequisite for another, separate software package from a different company that my small company uses to manage our clinical trial data.

So, I purchased SAP SQL Anywhere 17 from the SAP store. I chose this configuration option at the time of purchase: "SAP SQL Anywhere, Edge Edition, workgroup version (core)". I can find no explanation as to what "Edge Edition" means, but I think workgroup version (core) is correct.

After downloading the files (Windows) and running through a fairly straightforward installation process, I began the installation of our clinical trial data software, which failed. One of the few files that is absolutely required is "dbserv" which is supposed to be part of the SAP SQL Anywhere 17 installation, according to the vendor for our clinical trial software.

Any ideas as to what I did wrong? We have an old version of Sybase running on an older server with the same clinical software and it is working fine. The SAP website is so complicated that I don't even know where to begin to request technical support for this basic installation question. It was nightmarishly complicated just to purchase the software and then download it through the software download portal. My company only has 8 employees and we're using this software to manage our small database, so we are not a giant multinational client.

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    May 17, 2016 at 10:07 PM

    Sounds like you have done everything correct from the SQL Anywhere perspective.

    There is no file with the name "dbserv" in the product and there has never been. 
    I wonder if that is just a stand-in convention that your other vendor is using.

    It could be a .cmd or .bat file that they install (or you may need to add or configure)
    or it may be shorthand used to indicate to you to supply the real .exe file name
    somewhere in the setup.  As such you may need to contact that other vendor
    to get more details.

    On Windows the *server* executible names for SQL Anywhere have always been of the form:

        dbsrv17.exe, dbeng16.exe, mlsrv12.exe

    for example where the number is version specific.  You could try typing in dbsrv17 or dbsrv17.exe
    if that is an editible field.

    There is a DLL file called dbserv17.dll but I don't believe that is the missing piece here; applications
    will never load that directly from there software so don't be confused by that name.

    If you get nowhere with the other vendor on this ... you can report back your findings here ... or ...

    If this gets too complicated support can be accessed via

    Best wishes

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      Hi Jinwoo,

      Thank you for your reply! I requested a permanent license key from SAP in their portal and then uninstalled and reinstalled SQL Anywhere 17 using the new key. It worked! the bin64 folder now contains dbsrv17.exe and several .lic files! I will now attempt to install the clinical trial management software that runs on Sybase and hope all goes well. I will reply here if not.

      Thank you!

      - Vernon