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May 17, 2016 at 02:47 PM

Archive Link client dependent content repository



I have setup archiving of output of orders (VBAK) and invoices (VBRK). See also below link:

So in development I have created on OAC3 the links to one content repository, example Z1.

In OAC0 I have configured this with :

- Document Area : ARCHIVELINK

- Storage type: HTTP Content Server

- HTTP: ipaddress

- HTTP script: ContentServer/Contentserver.dll

But now:

- Basic Path: X:\usr\sap\DEV\DVEB0000\work

- Physical path: same as above

- Archive path: same as above

- Phys.arch. path: same as above

- Output device ARCH

One of the prerequisites of the naming of the content repository should be 2 digits.

Above settings result in when the output e.g. BA00 is issued - the document is "3 - print and archive", when I go into the order - I get the document attached in the workflow (SU3 - SD_SWU_ACTIVE = X).

In OAAD I do technical search as well - I find document and able to display it.

The issue is that this in development. As soon as I move it to test - or production, the link the content repository is to Z1 and therefore the path definition links to the DEV mentioned in the Physical path.

I read that there was an option to use naming convention in the repository name e.g. DEV_Z1_100 (SYSID, repository name, CLIENT) to be able to dynamically direct the paths on each system.

The issue is that ARCHIVELINK only allows 2 digits, so I can not use this as in OAC0 it's an error.

Potentially as a very hard solution we could open test and production, change configuration to link to the correct path, but when we do a system copy, the settings from production to test will be overwritten and potentially we save files to the same directory from both systems. So I want to avoid this to make sure the files are stored separately.

Who has done this config before and how can you make the difference between systems?