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May 17, 2016 at 01:27 PM

Why are parts of my navigation shown in Contextual Navigation Panel?


Hi all,

we are currently trying to move from classic frameworkpage to AFP.

Now I found out that parts of my Detailed Navigation are shown as Contextual Navigation Panel (CNP) in AFP and I wonder why. I found out because I was unable to adjust our theme (see ) and because all 4th-level items are shown as "services" below all 3rd-level items.

AFAIK there is nothing special to the relevant parts of the relevant role. I think I scanned through all possible and impossible attributes without success.

So what makes navigation nodes appear as CNP and 4th level appear as Services?

Thanks a lot!


PS: @Troy Cronin is doing so many great introductory blogs currently. How about a blog about CNP?


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