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May 17, 2016 at 12:13 PM

Parallel transports in SAP


Hi Experts,

Sometimes; we have situations where we move heavy transports; like the ones containing DB indexes; or long list of roles; objects etc. Occasionally; they may take 2-3 hours as well based on size.

While any such transport is active for 2-3 hours; in that duration we are not able to move any other transport to same system. Even if we start any other transport; it keeps waiting and is only able to be moved after the previously active transport gets moved.

I want to check if there is any possibility to have multiple transports in parallel so that next one gets moved if previous long running transport as active. I have checked notes like 1127194 etc; but most of the things talk about parallelism on the same transport process but not parallel movement of different transports in normal scenario (not like upgrade etc.)

Could you please help me find whether its possible to be done or not; without using any external transport tool.