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May 16, 2016 at 09:46 PM

MXMC-Update "failded to connect to mxmc_db on localhost"


Hi all,

IDM 8.0 was installed. Using Eclipse and the development studio an identity store was created. During importing any of the packages (first I got errors. The developer traces showed that a stored procedure in the MXMC_db was missing. Research showed that SP01 for IDENTITY CENTER CORE and a database update should solve the issue.

Unfortunately I could not start the update procedure via MXMC-update. Although mxmc-test and mxmc-verions is successful, the update does not start.

As jdbc url I provide:

jdbc:sqlserver://deidm1:1433;databasename=mxmc_db;user=mxmc_oper;password=<mxmc_oper password>

As path and name of the driver I provide:

C:\usr\sap\IDM\Identity Center\jdbc\sqljdbc4.jar

I've tried mxmc in capital letters also. All dispatchers were stopped. Even runtime components deinstalled. Until now always the same issue.

Has anybody solved this issue already?

Thanks Timmy