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May 16, 2016 at 03:34 PM

Activating Livecache locking in planning area


Hi Experts,

We are currently having planning area with "Detailed Lock" setting.

We intend to change it to "Activate live cache Lock".

We are on SCM 7.0 version.

Please let us know your comments on below points related to this change,

1. Difference between Detailed lock and Live cache Lock.
2. Advantage of "Activate Live cache Lock"

3. Can we directly change the setting in planning area manually or do we need to transport this change?

4. Do we need to deactivate and Activate planning area, for the change?

5. Any adverse impact of moving to Live cache lock, on system performance?

6. Any other risk or impact we need to take into account before moving to live cache lock?


Shankar Dhangar