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May 16, 2016 at 03:17 PM

Script logic - Destination App


I need to copy a specific record combination from Model A to Model B using Destination app. Model A and Model B Dimensions The record set in MODEL A is below. Notice that FBO_STATUS, D_VALUE, PROJECTTYPE are total nodes. So can be skipped (SKIP_DIM) RPTCURRENCY, FNO_DATASRC, FNO_CATEGPORY, ACCOUNT are constant values. So can be filtered. Only REGION, FUNCTIONS, TIME change in Model A . Time is a selection in DM package prompt so a constant value too. ---------------------------- All dimension in Model A (source) can be ignored (Filtered or Aggregated) except for REGION, FUNCTION and TIME. A combination of REGION and FUNCTIONS in model A should be mapped to a specific combination of BusinessUnit and PID in Model B. All other dimension in MODEL B are constants. -------------------------------