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May 16, 2016 at 02:04 PM

SalesForce Integration


Hi SDNites,

I am trying to integrate SAP PI 7.31 dual stack system with Salesforce and my requirement is to query the salesforce system to get some details. In order to do that I have used Enterprise WSDL and using SOAP UI, I am able to establish connectivity and get the session ID and also query the salesForce system to get the details.

But when I try to simulate the same in SAP PI system, I am getting the error as,

Error : Check authEndpoint. It must contain '/services/Soap/u/'. authEndpoint specified (Software version1.0.17).

Here is the Login Authentication Endpoint which I have configured in Communication channel (Used Advataco Adapter). Can you please guide me what is the reson for the same.

Also when I place the same link in browser, I am getting HTTP error 405

Problem accessing /services/Soap/c/36.0. Reason:

    GET not supported