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May 16, 2016 at 11:24 AM

What is migrated for the user


Hi All

I had thought to turn this one into a document as well and might based on feedback....

Not everything will be migrated to 1DX for users. So far, this is what I've observed or learned. Appreciate any other contributions or correcting my understanding

Not being migrated

  1. Profile Pictures
  2. Bookmarks (cannot see anywhere they will be stored)
  3. About Me/Biography - this will be lost and users will have less characters to enter the same
  4. Private spaces - content is being moved to SAP JAM and impacted people are being advised
  5. Questions that have no answers against them
  6. Other profile information (e.g tags, LinkedIn, etc information)
  7. Private/Direct Messages - assume this will disappear and not be migrated (it eventually expires in current SCN anyway)

Major Change/Partial Migration

  1. Reputation - Points/Leadership/Badges will no longer exist - snapshot in display only will appear against user profile for historical purposes.


  1. Followers/Who is following you will show against your profile
  2. Questions that have answers - moved to archive/read only. Will not show against your profile(?)
  3. Documents - appear in SAP Archive
  4. Blogs - yes and will show against your profile

I'm sure there's more but it's getting late for me 😊