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May 16, 2016 at 11:02 AM

ChaRM Mails to multiple receipients



We have configured ChaRM in Solman 7.1 with SP 13 system.

Automatic email notifications are generated when there is a change in status in the CD.

We have used custom Smart Forms for email content.

For our configuration the mails that are send are one to one.

Example, when I create a CD, at status "Created", 3 emails are generated to 3 people (SME, ITSME and Developer) from my email ID.

The emails for SME, ITSME and Developer in the BP.

Now the requirement is instead of 3 emails, there will be a single email and email to will be the 3 persons: SME, ITSME and Developer.

Does anyone have idea how to achieve ChaRM emails to multiple receipients in a single mail?


Ananya Mukherjee