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May 16, 2016 at 09:06 AM

ASYNCH Yes – Asynchronously in 107; Risk Color


Hi All,

A few weeks back, it was discussed in SCN, that ASYNCH in 1071, will do background processing, and will produce result before Request submission. But that did not happen for me, i.e my request only gives RA result, after submission.

i did not find any diff.between YES and ASYNCH. So, could you clarify , if i am missing anything.

I also noted another thing. My Risk in access request no longer give 'Red marks', which it used to, earlier.i.e, in tab' User access', it shows 'green mark', and says, No risk Found. But, in tab 'Risk Violations', there are risks.

FYI, i do not have Mit. control define for my risk.