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May 16, 2016 at 08:14 AM

SAP Design Studio Conditional Formatting using Data Binding


Hello All

I am using a Text Box to display an Actual Value ( data bound to the data source). While applying conditional formatting using the same method I am unable to get the desired results if a target value is unavailable for a particular KPI

Below is a screenshot of the KPI tile

The conditional format logic is as below

if Target is available and Target > Value, number is Red

if Target is available and Target < Value, number is Green

if Target is unavailable, number is Grey

Below are the screenshots for the applied CSS and the data binding

I mapped another text box (TGT_PAGE2_OPS_PD_DP) to the Target cell for the KPI (data bound to the data source)

The KPI displayed above with a value of 11.41 has no Target available in the BEx query results.

The above logic sets the target variable as 0.0 instead of a blank string and hence applies Green colour instead of Grey (ContentNeutral)

I have looked at the below discussions, but none discusses a logic to handle unavailability of a target

BO Design Studio CSS Tips & Tricks: Creating Alerts by Data Cell Binding in CSS Class

Design Studio 1.5: View on Data Binding (for Text)

We are using SAP Design Studio 1.5 and BEx query data source

Can anyone advise on how I can modify this logic?

Much appreciated




myKPI.PNG (2.1 kB)
myKPILogic.PNG (36.5 kB)
myKPIBinding.PNG (16.6 kB)