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May 16, 2016 at 06:21 AM

Non-Central Adapter Engine Installation in DMZ


Dear Experts,

We have a customer requirement to install a non-central Advanced Adapter Engine (AAE) in a DMZ for a Central Dual-stack 7.31 PI System behind the DMZ.

We have gone through the Installation Guide and the Online help for the Non-Central AAE and in both it is mentioned that it can be installed as a Standalone AS Java System.

We also have explored the other option of Adapter Engine J2SE but this one will not be fulfilling our requirements.

What the customer needs to know if their is a third option to install an Additional AS Java Instance to the existing Dual-Stack PI System as they don't want to have a Full AS Java System (AS Java Instance + DB) in the DMZ.

Thanks in Advance.

Mohamed Awny