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May 15, 2016 at 06:55 PM

Asking questions (beta)


1. Question title:

Is it possible to show number of characters remaining when entering the question title? Currently if you attempt to create a question with a really long title or with a too short one, you can see the error only after you try to submit the question.

In my opinion the title maximum length can be reduced a bit more if the idea is to prevent people from pasting the whole question in the subject - 28 words for a title is probably too generous.

2. Revisions:

If nothing was changed in the content, is it necessary to create a new revision? At the moment it seems possible to spam revisions and notify followers with each new one. Will there be a limit on revisions per post?

3.Closing a question:

It is possible to change the answered status or choose a different best answer of a closed question created by me and closed by me (reason The question is answered, right answer was accepted) - is this the intended behavior?

4. Sorting replies:

It can be useful to have an option for sorting by the highest rated in descending order to give a chance to higher-quality replies to appear close to the top if the accepted answer by the OP is not a very good one (if I understood correctly, sorting by votes is meant to measure the activity- up-votes+down-votes, but not the quality of the answer).