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May 15, 2016 at 06:40 PM

migration to sybase ase db


Dear Experts,

We are planning migration with following details -

Source - ERP6EHP4/NW7EHP1 , BW NW7EHP1 on AIX/Oracle11G

Target - ERP6eHP4/NW7EHP1, BW NW7EHP1 on RHEL/Sybase ASE

Have gone through the note 1554717 which says that this ERP/BW version is not supported and we have to upgrade to

ERP6EPH5/NW 7EHP2. However, it is our requirement to keep the version same. Any idea if we can still go ahead with migration to target environment keeping the same application version ? Consequences of migrating with same version ?

I understand this question is against what is written in note but just trying to understand possibility and reason why it is not supported?

Best Regards,