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May 15, 2016 at 10:55 AM

WIP calcualtion



I am not clear about the technical cost element in RA key version. I have given it in RA key for the time being to test but really I am not getting logic for its provision. Further when I am running KKAO I am getting error KJ 148 saying order is not WIP element but with green indicator. I checked OKG8 and OKG9. There is tick to transfer to financial accounting and GL accounts are assigned. But still above error is coming.

My understanding is when cost is booked on production order it is either under primary cost elements or secondary cost element. To these cost element we assign line ids. And in define update section we link line id to WIP elements and then we assign P&L A/c and balance sheet account. Still I think I am missing something. Can you please help?