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Former Member
May 14, 2016 at 09:46 PM

Hana One portal will not allow me to manage servers



I am running several instances of Hana One 244GiB and one instances of Hana One 122GiB. When I attempt to access all of these instances from the Hana One portal, I show that all the instances are "Unmanaged" even though I have managed them in the past. When I view the "Unmanaged Instances" and click "Manage" on any of the instances, the "Start managing..." message appears on the icon at first, then then it is replaced by the word "Manage" and the instance remains in the unmanaged instances. I have tried managing the instances from multiple different instances without success. Additionally, when I type in the direct URL to the console, the general console template appears, but it is not populated with any information.

I have rebooted the servers multiple times and confirmed that all the Hana services are running from the command line. I am also able to connect to the instance from Hana Studio and am able to run queries. Could someone assist me with getting the portal back up? I would like to be able to install updates from SAP from the portal.