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May 14, 2016 at 07:31 PM

intercompany credit memo issue


Hi Experts,

we have the scenario such as 3 company involvement (X,Y,Z) in my client sales process, please find the following sales process design has been implemented.

Company X creates customer billing and automated intercompany invoice will be created at Y, Z(STO related IV) respectively through outputype Zdevelopment. we are facing the issue while performing the credit memo process, ie.. if Company X creates the Customer Credit Memo (G2) for parital quantity correction and value correction, the respective intercompany credit memo for Y, Z created with full quantity and full value which is incorrect.

our copy control settings are IV - ZIG(intercompany credit memo for Y, Z) since the source document for company Y and Z are intercompany billing (IV), hence its not considering base for customer credit memo (G2) quantity correction and its not picking respective line item in it.

Business requested to change the process design, Intercompany credit memos (ZIG) should be the base of Customer credit memo(G2), while i tried to change the copy control for intercompany credit memo for Y and Z company (G2-ZIG) which does not work since both are different company codes.

i searched through SDN and found the RVIVAUFT (SAP STD Report) which support for intercompany credit memo creation.(RDIV output type)

I tried for intercompany credit memo automation (through RDIV output type), but it consider only one intercompany credit memo for company Y and comapny Z was not created and i am getting error "Line item already fully invoiced" during creation time.

There are following two issues,

1. Intercompany Credit memo for company Y created without the shiptoparty of origin customer credit memo(G2) due to tax is not determined and assignment field in the billing document is not filled.

2. Intercomapny Credit memo for company Z needs to be created with reference to the same customer credit memo(G2) facing the following issue

"Line item already fully invoiced".

Hope i have narated the issue clearly, if so please throw me the lights to fix the above issues

Thanks in advance for your valuable support.

Best Regards,