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May 14, 2016 at 10:50 PM

Sybase WSB setup on ASE 16.0


downloaded the free copy of ASE 16 available at SAP site and I was testing warm standby setup on Linux with replication server 15.7.

- Installed sybase server sby01 using ASE 16.0 and create database db01

- Installed second sybase server syb02 using ASE 16.0 and create database db01

- At this point no other ASE 16.0 options is enabled i.e HADR mode is -1 and not enabled.

- Installed reserver rs01

- Added db01 database on syb01 as active in rs01 repserver : Successful

Now while adding db01 on syb02 as 'standby' it give error message

"WARNING: 'Create failed because Log transfer for database syb02.db01 is off'"

While i tried the setup on ASE 15.7 and I have no problem creating WSB setup. Seems HADR is somehow preventing database to be added as standby though it is not even enabled. Any clues where to look at, I checked there are no connections for syb02 and do not see any reference in rssd tables for syb02.

This is just test and want to know why I cannot setup WSB using ASE 16.0 free developer edition where as it works for free ASE 15.7 developer edition.