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May 13, 2016 at 10:03 PM

Include Error - Actual parameter is incompatible with formal


Hello BW experts,

We have migrated the ABAP code from BW 7.0 to BW 7.4 and I have hit one roadmap which is become a show stopper. Please if some one has already already resolve the issue can help me with the resolution.

Error :

After analysing the error what I have found that

After upgrade the parameter length has changed in BW7.4 system

Length of fields l-low from table RSZRANAGE and l_s_var-low from Table RSZGLOBV has changed from 60 chars to 1333 and 250 , as target and source lengths are not same it is throwing an above error.

Solution by SAP

To correct this SAP suggested to implement the below note for BW 7.4 .

SAP Note 2276400 has BW 7.4 note - 2252375​

but unfortunately this is before the upgrade so that the tables would not change. Now as already upgrade has happened and would like to revert back the changes to original how to do it or do we have other ways to resolve this issue.

I have already tried the below methods.

1. Changes made to the code where LIKE is changed to TYPES

2. registered the tables with the dev key for changes but it is now allowing and give me other errors and does not allow me to change the length of the field.

Please let me know if someone resolve this after upgrade.

Thanks & Regards,