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May 13, 2016 at 11:21 PM

WBS Element overwritten - WBS element version FREI_VERSION already exists


Hello Experts,

I see that this is not a new issue and I need assistance as the notes I see all discuss deletion. We have a WBS Element that has both actual, plan, and forecast dollars and hours posted to it going back to the start of last year: 1/1/2015. Via CJ02 an active WBS Element, I/HR/A/MG/2, was overwritten with `. All the notes that I am reading seem to talk about deleting the record and creating a new WBS. I am concerned about database inconsistency given that actual and budget values are posted to the WBS that was overwritten. Our SAP data is transferred to BW where it still shows values for the overwritten WBS Element. Are notes 160884, 529634, and 616732 still applicable in this case? Please advise.

Thank you,