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May 13, 2016 at 07:55 AM

K Inactive due to calculation basis/shipping material type


Hi Experts,

I have created FB00 condition type on weight & mile basis in shipment cost pricing procedure. Other costs are FV00 insurance, LD01 Loading charges. All condition types are having condition class B Prices. FV00 is having class B, cal type B fixed amount calculation base D shipment cost item, with access sequence DIEN. LD01 loading charge is class B calculation type D gross weight, calculation base Dshipment cost item.

In pricing procedure all condition type is assigned routine 51 item with pricing. While creating VI01, I am only getting freight cost FBoo.

Loading charge LD01, Insurance cost FV00 are not appearing. In analysis it says condition ignored as requirement 51 is not fulfilled. I understand that as condition has class B pricing, and first condition FB00 is present so other conditions are inactive. I could not find solution from the note 318775

It says K inactive due to calculation basis/shipping material type. If I remove requirement 51 from condition type FV00, VI01 shows only insurance cost to all items & my freight cost FB00 is not working. I could not find solution from any thread.

Without removing requirements 51 how can I activate insurance, loading cost FV00 & LD01? Is there any setting required in condition type to change

calculation base C with shipping material type ? or how can I activate other charges - conditions when routine 51 is assigned which inactivate my other charges condition? We do not use any shipping material so far so I am not clear how to resolve this issue. Appreciate your valued advice.