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May 13, 2016 at 03:13 AM

Search help for QMEL


Hi Friends

I am creating search help for Quality Notification(QN) and Service Notification(SN), which will be used in our ECM integration.

There is a restriction that i can use only one table name in Selection method in search help. It won't allow other selection methods.

I know that Quality Notifications and Service Notifications get stored in QMEL table.

I can use that table for both search helps one for Quality Notification and another for Service Notification.

As we are using same table for both, when i use QN search hep it should show only QNs to me and when SN search help is used only SNs should be displayed.

We have a field ARTPR in QMEL table which is priority type. I have used 'QM' for Quality Notifications and 'SM' for Service Notifications. My doubt is what if we maintain any custom Priorities in that ARTPR, we have Z1, Z2 and Z3 maintained. Will there be any chance that they can be related to any QN or SN?

In general ARTPR is only the field to differentiate a notification that it is a SN or QN?

so how to differentiate between a notification between SN and QN ?