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May 12, 2016 at 05:44 PM

Rehiring action only present in PA0302, not in PA0000


Hi group,

I tried to search the site, but couldn't find my scenario described.

We are using additional actions. Normally works like a charm.

However the following has occurred:

  • A fire-action was run 01.01.2016. This shows up in both PA0000 and PA0302 as expected.
  • On 01.03.2016 a rehire is run. This only shows up in PA0302
  • The audit log for IT0000 shows that it has been correctly changed (fire action delimited, rehire created)
  • We do not have audit log for IT0302

I have seen scenarios where an action only showed up in PA0000, and have corrected this.

Hoever, I have never seen a case where PA0302 is updated, but not PA0000, and on top of all the log shows correct IT0000.

I figure I need to rerun the action, but I really would like to understand how this can happen.

Any suggestions?

Best regards