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May 12, 2016 at 05:03 PM

Idoc-XML conversion error.



I have got the following error:

MP: exception caught with cause Error before sending due to idoc parsing error: (7) IDOC_ERROR_PARSE_FAILURE: An IDocConversionException occurred while parsing IDoc-XML for type <MAS_BAPI01>:
state=READING_FIELD_VALUE_TAG, charPosition=5276, lineNumber=1, columnNumber=5277

For this i have download the idoc file from message payload and pasted it in notepad++, but when go the character 5276, it was all correct, I found the error somewhere in 7796, so here my question is how to find out the exact field where it failed, as it is production issue and today i struggled lot to find out the error(field by field i checked). So is there any easy way to point out error field.