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May 12, 2016 at 03:47 PM

Experiences with Theme Designer in Portal 7.50 SP2?


the question could also be:

  • Has somebody already managed to build and apply a custom theme using 7.50?
  • or: Is there some pitfall for old Theme Editor veterans using Theme Designer that I have trapped into?
  • or: Is Theme Designer on Portal a Green Banana (at least on 7.50 SP2 PL0)? It looks like I cannot switch back to TE on 7.50, can I?

My Problem / What I did:

  • There is a fresh installed 7.50 SP2. Nearly all Java components are PL0. So Theme Designer is active by default and I do not have to activate it. Fine
  • Start Theme Designer from the portal Content Administrator navigation
  • Copy Tradeshow to a new name and apply some (stupid but obvious) changes to the AFP Framework
  • Save and build
  • Doublecheck everything both with IE11 and Chrome without difference


Changes are reflected in the inplace preview. Fine:

But this is not reflected in the "run preview" at all. This looks original.

When I look into the sources of the preview the CSS URLs tell me that it loaded original Tradeshow Plus:

When including it into a portal desktop this does not result in any visible change.

What else:

  • The Import of a 7.40 TE based theme only imported half the attributes (and of course were not reflected in "run preview" or when activated via portal desktop)
  • Changes of colors resulted in spacing errors (of course only in the inplace preview)
  • Images are missing (in the inplace previews)
  • ...

This looks so broken that I cannot imagine I am the first one to experience this. I do not know where to start with opening incidents...

I am not able to find any notes relating to the main error at EP-PIN-TOL-UTD.

So back to my question:

  • Has somebody already managed to build and apply a custom theme using 7.50 SP2? If yes, which SP/PL?




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