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May 12, 2016 at 04:26 PM

S/4 HANA Trial 1511 - Aging error



I am trying to test Data Aging Object FI_DOCUMENT but seem to be hitting a system error when trying to Activate the Data Aging Object. All the config is in place and partitions created for the relevant Partition Object:

However, when I try and activate the data aging object I get error references to tables in partition objects other that FI_DOCUMENT:

I found that the tables in error are contained in partition objects SPL_ENH, WITH_ENH and FDM_ENH. I tried to partition the tables just to get through the error but again stopped as it seems that the tables do not have a relevant date field, but do contain the required _DATAAGING column. 😢

The partition objects in error seem like 'enhancements' related to Finance and I am guessing that is why there is a check against these when trying to activate FI_DOCUMENT but also looks like there might be something else missing at the application level?

Is this a known issue or am I expecting too much from a trial system? 🤣

Any answers will be appreciated!