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May 12, 2016 at 02:05 PM

struggling in ichart - bar type


Dear Experts,

We are in process of generating the alerts in MII for Yield at monthly level.

Below is my table for which i want to generate the Ichart in MII transaction & sent it in email action block.

Plant Month yield drop 10% yield drop 20% yield drop 30% XYZ Jan-16 2 3 4 XYZ Feb-16 1 4 5 XYZ Mar-16 2 6 8 XYZ Apr-16 0 1 4 XYZ May-16 1 3 5


on x axis --> month

on y axis --> 10% yield drop , 20% yield drop, 30% yield drop

Chart should show month wise data for 10%,20%,30% yield drop.

When i am creating the Ichart --> bar type, random colors are displayed as the value of Y axis properties.

In short i want my bar color in standard format:

such as,

For yield drop 10% --> Red

For yield drop 20% --> Green

For yield drop 30% --> Yellow

for every month.

I want chart in attached format. ( I want to attach the chart in Sent mail action block so i can only use ichart option only , I was able to get the required result by selecting i5chart in dashboard ).

Please guide me how i can get static colors for Y axis.

I have searched the SDN for this but not found the perfect answer that can resolve my issue.


Deep Dave


Requirement.PNG (9.7 kB)