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May 12, 2016 at 12:23 PM

LSO- how to book the single Curriculum in the curriculum type


Hi Team,

i need the help of booking the single curriculum in the curriculum below is the my scenario

created the Course types B1D1(Course Type) which consists of single course with going to schedule in mid of the current month.

which having the following Properties

1) delivery method is - Classroom booking

2) Business Event info - Bookable as part of the Curriculum

with this i am creating the course for any respective date

please refer the same


like this i created the Course type as B2D2 and with same parameter as above, this should be booked as part of the course ( Single)

like this i created the Virtual Training for this i given as independent training ( for this no dependency with Curriculum)



ji am Clubbing the above mentioned course types in one curriculum, ( 2 are depends each other, 1 is independent)

From the portal i am able to apply this independent, when i am trying to book the Curriculum elements system shows error, (since first 2 are dependant each other)

now how when i am trying to book the course from R/3 system is allowing for entire course.

my question is how do i book only for independent course. either virtual or classroom booking.

i want book the course only for the above not for the 3rd one for set of employees. but system is taking for all the curriculum not allowing for book independent course

and at same time if i want to cancel the participation for 3rd course system taking all the course (since it was booked as it is )

how to over solve this, i want to book the course single courses which are independent




b1d2.png (22.7 kB)
b1d1.png (11.3 kB)
b1v1.png (12.8 kB)
badcc1.png (91.9 kB)
b1vd11.png (73.4 kB)
b1v2.png (22.2 kB)
b1dc2.png (22.0 kB)