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May 12, 2016 at 05:56 AM

Multiple entries in TR for Config panel-Mobile application changes


Hi All,

I am using SMP 3.0 with Agentry Work Manager App. we have one scenario where multiple entries in TR is creating problem for Syclo - Config panel-> Mobile Application changes

Scenario given below :

  1. User updates a particular parameter (say, Measuring point) through Syclo Config Panel in Development, generates the TR-1.
  2. The TR would have the entire table records as an update as opposed to the single record change that was performed in Step1 above.
  3. The TR from Step 1 is not deployed in Production (for some reason).
  4. There is a new change in the Syclo Config Panel on another Parameter (say Notifications). A new TR-2 is created.
  5. This TR would now have entire table records in it, instead of the specific change à This is not acceptable as the change performed in Step 1 should not be moved to Production.

In This scenario , we have to revert step 1 and then we need to again create new TR which is not good practice and not acceptable for real time scenario.

Kindly advice