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May 12, 2016 at 04:28 AM

Approval Process for end users


I've setup an approval process to trigger on a ticket when certain conditions are met which currently works.

The approval is then sent over to a specific person via an email with the following as part of the content

The first link leads the users to the 'Notifications' view. In that view, the users can see the approval request and the button to approve or send back for revision. Clicking on the 'More' link just leads the users to the ticket itself.

The second link just navigates the user to the ticket itself.

Currently it seems that the only way the end user can approve the ticket is via the notifications view which they will have to navigate away from to look at the ticket they are trying to approve. And in the ticket, there are no buttons to actually approve the request apart from keying in notes. There is a disconnect here in terms of usability.

My question:

  1. Am I missing some config for the end user to do approvals directly in the tickets?
  2. Can approvals only be done through the notifications view and no where else? (From an end user view point)
  3. Is there a elegant process for end users to approve tickets in C4C? (I'm gone thru the user and admin guides but there is nothing mentioned)


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