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May 12, 2016 at 12:27 AM

The key specified in an Update or Retrieve no longer matches an existing row.


I am working on a PFC app converted from PB 5 to PB 12.6. It has the latest 12.6 build and PFC. Database is Oracle.

The people who wrote the app 20 years ago apparently didn't know what they are doing. All the updates occur in datastores and there are bunches of ShareData calls and tons of filtering that isn't obvious as to why.

The pfc_save event is totally overridden and has a bunch of Update calls to the datastores. The first one is getting the error in this post title (sqldbcode -3).

Using dbtrace and SQL Spy I find that the first datastore being updated is generating two identical delete statements. The first one works and the second one throws an error. That part makes sense but why there are two doesn't. I checked the delete buffer and there is only one row. Of course the PB 5 exe works perfectly fine.

I'm wondering if there is a known issue or design change that would cause duplicate delete statements when sharedata is active?

The update properties is 'key field' so it is something like this: