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May 12, 2016 at 12:27 AM

Web Service Returns Data Type Any


I am calling a Web Service in PB 12.5. The proxy builder says that the web service returns type "any."

I used SoapUI to see what it really returns, and the web service is returning XML.

I don't know how to convert the return of type any into something that Powerbuilder can work worth.

If tried using ClassName() to determine the type but PB crashes on that statement.

Here is the code that I am using:


SoapConnection Conn

Long ll_rc

String ls_URL, ls_return, ls_Type, ls_Array[]

any lany_return

n_stopcriteria ln_stopcriteria

ln_stopcriteria = Create n_stopcriteria

ln_stopcriteria.ordernumber = sle_order_no.text

ln_stopcriteria.regionid = sle_regionid.text

n_routeinforetrieveoptions ln_routeinforetrieveoptions

ln_routeinforetrieveoptions = Create n_routeinforetrieveoptions

n_region ln_region

ln_region = CREATE n_region


n_transportationwebservice lnv_transportationwebservice

Conn = Create SoapConnection

ll_rc = Conn.CreateInstance(lnv_transportationwebservice, 'n_transportationwebservice', ls_URL)

If ll_rc = 0 then



MessageBox("Bad Return code: ll_rc", String(ll_rc))

end if


lany_Return = lnv_transportationwebservice.retrievestopsbycriteria( ln_stopcriteria, ln_routeinforetrieveoptions )

MessageBox("Web service Call OK", ls_return)

If isNull(lany_Return) Then

MessageBox("Return", "Return is Null")

End IF

ls_Type = Classname(lany_Return)

Choose Case ls_Type

Case "string"

MessageBox("Return Type", "String")

Case "number"

MessageBox("Return Type", "Number")

Case Else

MessageBox("Return Type", ls_Type)

End Choose

Catch (soapexception e)

MessageBox("Error", e.getmessage())


Destroy Conn

End try