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May 11, 2016 at 09:05 PM

Failed to extract application server data


Just configured the BI Platform Support Tool to connect to our new 4.2 SP02 production server, but when creating reports, am getting the error:

Failed to extract application server data from xxxxx on JMX port 8008.

Action: Confirm that Hostname, JMX Port, HTTP Port and JMX authentication is defined correctly under Landscape Configuration then re-run the Web Application Server Analysis report.

The web application server is set-up and validates ok, JMX is also set-up and validates correctly.

Host agent is installed on the server using the default sapadm account, no authentication, no NAT, no firewall.

Tomcat settings updated.

Verified SAPHostControl and SAPHostExec services are both present.

Originally using 2.0.2, updated client to 2.0.3, still getting the same error.

Tried uninstalling the Host Agent and reinstalling, same error.

Followed the same configuration steps used on our QA server, which works ok. Not sure what I've missed or what could be wrong.