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May 11, 2016 at 09:48 PM

MD02 manually is generating PurRqs. but MDBT by background is not



We have a daily MRP background job (MDBT) in ECC, which runs for all HALB and ROH material, the requirement for which comes from APO.

Many of these materials (belonging to MRP type PD) are Shelf Life Planning active, many of them have existing stock/inventory which expiry dates in the near horizon.

Now when we run a MRP by MD02, it accounts for the expiry date of the batches, discounting them at their SLED dates and creates a Pur.Rqs after that date.

However when we run the same en-masse, by MDBT, keeping the same settings, these materials are not processed in the run (When we check in MD05, it doesn't shows the latest MRP run dates)

But when we run it by MD02, it shows in MD05, but when we run by MDBT it doesn't!

Whats missing?

MDBT settings, successfully runs but no Pur.Rqs are created!

The Pur.Rqs gets created as seen in below screenshot after running by MD02: