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May 11, 2016 at 06:54 PM

Exchange Gain Lose While payment in a third currency



We have company code currency as PKR now we have a bank account operated in Dubai. House bank is being created in SAP and currency is defined as AED for its account ID as well as Its GL accounts. Considering this i have a vendor who's invoice was booked in USD and now i am about to make the payment using the AED bank account and there has also been a unfavorable exchange rate shift. Now as per my understanding system should calculate exchange rate lose when making the payment because i have to pay more as compared to what i would have paid if there was no shift in FOREX. But system is not calculating the difference instead it over rights the exchange rate maintained in OB08 with one it calculates it self which results in exact same amount in local currency as of the invoice. which is not right. Can some one please shed some light on it.