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May 11, 2016 at 06:57 PM

BSEG and FAGLFLEXA with different line amounts


Hi, everybody,

I need your support for the following problem.

I have a wrong splitting for some documents in new GL in table FAGLFLEXA most of them derive from a special GL posting (DownPayment code 'A').

The document is posted manually in accounting using standard transactions.

The splitting is wrong since it splits by two characteristics season (ZZSEA) and profit center (PRCTR) that are not available on the DownPayment account and the amount in the New G/L are totally different for the same accounts.

For example in the Entry view I have:

27xx XXX USD 18.010,50 27xx XXX USD 19.821,15 27xx XXX USD 54.209,51 27xx XXX USD 54.574,02-

While for the new G/L I have:

USD 54.079.542,99- USD 76.965.300,69 USD 43.716.892,43- USD 10.313.674,71 USD 32.376.973,50 USD 21.841.502,98- USD 59.516.322,89- USD 84.702.854,99 USD 48.111.883,76- USD 11.350.539,60 USD 35.631.928,49 USD 24.037.295,28- USD 1.094.502,33 USD 1.557.681,45- USD 844.917,34 USD 208.735,88- USD 655.269,46- USD 427.693,10

Could you please give me some advice?

Thank you