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May 11, 2016 at 06:10 PM

Need help in updating user accounts via CSV file in Sourcing 10


Hi All,

We have created some extension fields in User Account object like Supervisor (reference to another User Account object), Job Profile(String), etc. This custom data is already present in our ECC system and there is an ABAP program in place which pulls the data from custom tables of ECC and provides a csv file to sourcing. This is the format of the csv file with one line sample data:



<Sourcing user id>,John,Doe,,1234,2,CONSULTANT,<Supervisors sourcing user id>,<Company code>

If I upload this file via the UI, using Setup -> System Administration -> Import Data, then all the custom details are updated correctly in the corresponding user account objects. But when the same file is placed in the shared interface folder on Sourcing server and a Data Import Monitor scheduled task tries to pick it up, then it fails to process even a single record.The failure trace has this message repeated for all objects in the csv:

....Import failed for object number 1. The object referenced in column BUYER_COMP could not be found.

So what are we missing here? Is there any other extra detail that a scheduled job expects from a csv file? If anyone has tried updating user accounts via csv upload, please help.

We have an internal directory configured for Buyer side, this directory is marked as the Default directory and Driver used is NetWeaver UME.

Thanks in advance,