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May 11, 2016 at 04:22 PM

BOP Worklist selection



Sales order for Bop worklist is selected based on filter type, filter variant, and sort profile. In a sales order if there are 3 line items,

A) First line item is confirmed in BOP, its results has been updated in ECC and delivery has been created.

B) Second line item is also confirmed and its results has been updated in ECC, Schedule line is created with confirmed quantity but delivery has not been created.

C) Third line item is not allocated and no schedule line is created.

when the next BOP job run, the second line item and third line item should be included in BOP worklist. For the second line item it should re-confirm the quantities.

But in our scenario only the third line item is shown in the worklist and only that line item is processed in BOP. Is there any settings to be checked for the second line item to be included in the worklist ? also wanted to understand on which parameter the worklist eliminates the first line item.