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May 11, 2016 at 03:33 PM

CR report parameter error when entering a decimalised number


Hi Experts

I have designed a CR from a sap query which also has a parameter which is variable to a formula in the CR.

The formula in CR is as per the below

if {Command.TotalFrgn} = 0 then {Command.LineTotal} else {Command.TotalFrgn} / {?Month End Euro Rate}

The report works OK in CR, however when I run it in SAP through the preview external CR reports and when prompted for the parameter field it will populate after entering decimalised number and shows an error message 'invalid numeric value' (ODBC 1030) (131-181)

Is this an issue with SAP or CR and is there a work around? I have checked the format of the parameter field in CR and it is set as a decimalised number.

Please advise?


Chris :-)