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Former Member
May 11, 2016 at 02:54 PM

Lookup a Client (stupid question)


Hi all,

I have quite a stupid question.😳

How do I lookup a client that has just been loaded on SAP? - in other words it is a brand new client and has no billing yet.

The ONLY info I have is the Operational Account Number. I do not have the Customer number which is what you need for Transaction XD03.

Is there any way you can search for a customer using only the Operational Account Number?

I have tried the Query Tool where you have the option to enter the Operational Account Number but it does not return anything if there has been no activity on the account/customer.

All new accounts we open are done by our head office in Malaysia. Initially we are only supplied the Operational Account Number. I want to see the "Display Customer: General Data" screen to check if the customer details were loaded correctly.

Surely this must somehow be possible?